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Counseling Psychology – PhD

COUN 7320Counseling Theories3
COUN 8530Contemporary Issues in Counseling Psychology3
Program approved first semester doctoral stats course3
COUN 7350Introduction to Counseling Practice3
COUN 7250Advanced Assessment and Diagnosis in Counseling3
Program approved second semester doctoral stats course3
ERMA 8350Advanced Measurement Theory3
PSYC 7180Social Psychology3
or COUN 8970 Special Topics
PSYC 7190Cognitive Psychology3
or COUN 8970 Special Topics
COUN 7230Career Development and Vocational Appraisal3
COUN 7210Appraisal in Counseling and Psychology 3
COUN 7910Practicum (I)3
COUN 7910Practicum (II)3
COUN 7330Counseling Diverse Populations3
COUN 7340Group Counseling3
COUN 8970Special Topics (PSYC 7100 is an approved substitute, requires program approval)3
A COUN advance theories course (all students must take at least one advance theories course):3
Advanced Counseling Theory courses include:
Advanced Theories: Existential/Humanistic
Advanced Theories: Cognitive/Behavioral Theories
Advanced Theories: Psychodynamic Theories
Other topics may be offered from time to time
PSYC 7150Biological Psychology3
COUN 8910Practicum (I)3
COUN 8910Practicum (II)3
COUN 8300Research Design in Counseling and Evaluation3
COUN 8400Professional Seminar Counseling Psychology3
COUN 8200Intellectual Assessment of Adults (or COUN 7220 Intellectual Assessment of Children and Adolescents, with permission from advisor)3
COUN 8210Test Administration and Professional Practice3
Two program approved elective courses or 6 hours of electives6
COUN 7310Counseling Applications of Lifespan Development3
COUN 8540Coun Supervision-Theory & Prac3
COUN 8800Professional Development Internship Skills3
COUN 8930Internship in Counseling Psychology0
COUN 8990Research And Dissertation10
Total Hours97