Counselor Education - PhD

Counselor Education (PhD)
COUN 8110Counseling Assessment Across the Lifespan3
COUN 8300Research Design in Counseling and Evaluation3
COUN 8510Contemporary Issues in Counselor Education3
COUN 8540Coun Supervision-Theory & Prac3
COUN 8550/8556Counselor Education Pedagogy3
COUN 8610Advanced Theories: Existential/Humanistic3
COUN 8620Advanced Theories: Cognitive/Behavioral Theories3
COUN 8910Practicum (I)3
COUN 8910Practicum (II)3
COUN 8920Internship9
COUN 8990Research And Dissertation10
ERMA 7210Theory and Methodology of Qualitative Research3
ERMA 7300/7306Design and Analysis in Education I3
ERMA 7310/7316Design and Analysis in Education II3
ERMA 8100Program Evaluation3
ERMA 8200/8206Survey Research Methods3
Total Hours61