Communication Disorders - MS

First Year
CMDS 7570 Evaluation of Research in Speech Pathology and Audiology3CMDS 7820 Dysphagia3CMDS 7540 Advanced Voice Disorders3
CMDS 7860 Speech Science3CMDS 7550 Adult Aphasia3CMDS 7840 Augmentative and Alternative Communication3
CMDS 7700 Clinical Problem Solving I2CMDS 7720 Clinical Problem Solving II2CMDS 7590 Language Disorders: School-Age3
CMDS 7970 Special Topics Seminar2CMDS 7530 Advanced Fluency Disorders3CMDS 7500 Clinical Problems in Speech1
CMDS 7500 Clinical Problems in Speech1CMDS 7500 Clinical Problems in Speech1 
CMDS 7520 Language Disorders: Birth to Five3  
Second Year
CMDS 7810 Motor Speech Disorders3CMDS 7920 Internship in Speech-Language Pathology5
CMDS 7560 Craniofacial Anomalies3 
CMDS 7740 Clinical Problem Solving III2 
CMDS 7510 Advanced Articulation/Phonological Disorders3 
CMDS 7970 Special Topics Seminar1-3 
CMDS 7500 Clinical Problems in Speech1 

Master of Science (MS) Thesis Track: A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 credit hours of CMDS 7990 Research and Thesis count toward the degree. Thesis students waive academic comprehensive examinations (0 credit) and also may waive CMDS 7920 Internship (5 credits) unless additional clock hour experience is needed. This option requires a minimum total of 54 semester credit hours.