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The McWhorter School of Building Science offers the Master of Building Construction (MBC).

The McWhorter School of Building Science’s non-thesis master of building construction program provides its students with an unparalleled educational experience. From conceptual idea to post-occupancy of facilities, the degree content offers a practical and industry-oriented study of the interdisciplinary and collaborative processes involved in the planning, financing, design, construction and management of the built environment.

Admission to the master of building construction is competitive, and enrollment is limited. The admissions committee considers GRE scores, undergraduate GPA, educational background, letters of recommendation, prior construction industry experience, and other relevant information.

For students holding an accredited undergraduate degree in construction, the MBC curriculum consists of 35 semester hours of academic credit, including a core of BSCI graduate courses (17 credit hours), electives (15 credit hours) and capstone (3 credit hours), taken over a period of three academic terms beginning in the fall of each year.

Students with undergraduate degrees in areas other than construction are given conditional admission to the program, and are required to take a series of five foundation courses (14 credit hours) commencing the summer term prior to fall admission. Upon successful completion of these classes, they are formally admitted to the 35 credit-hour MBC program.

MBC Degree Requirements

Foundation Courses

Offered in Summer and required for students with undergraduate degree in areas other than construction. There are 5 foundation courses worth 14 semester hours of academic credit.

The Core Curriculum

BSCI 7020Integrated Building Processes I3
BSCI 7030Construction Information Management3
BSCI 7040Integrated Building Processes II3
BSCI 7050Executive Issues in Construction3
BSCI 7060Research Methods in Building Science3
BSCI 7950Graduate Seminar (I)1
BSCI 7950Graduate Seminar (II)1

All classes are three credit hours except graduate seminar which is one credit hour.


Four building science electives (12 credit hours) and one approved graduate elective (3 credit hours) from any field.


BSCI 7980, students are required to undertake a capstone project in their final semester. The purpose of the capstone project is to demonstrate the student’s ability to independently explore a new topic, demonstrate appropriate application of the materials, and successfully communicate the information in a professional and academically rigorous format.

Graduate students in Building Science with interests in planning, development and urban design can undertake a Minor in Community Planning. Students must complete additional 9 credit hours of Community Planning coursework and notify MBC GPO/CADC Student Services that they are completing the Community Planning minor.

Note 1: Online Master's students are not required to take BSCI 7060 (Research Methods) or BSCI 7950 (Graduate Seminar I and II).
Note 2: Online Master's classes BSCI numbers all end in the number 6 (Example BSCI 7026, BSCI 7036).