Turfgrass Management - MTM

Required Courses
CSES 6906Directed Studies3
CSES 6936Advanced Directed Studies1-3
CSES 7956Seminar1
Elective Courses (25 Hours Required)25
Soil Microbiology Lecture
Soil Resources and Conservation
Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement
Soil Chemistry
Bioenergy and the Environment
Soil Microbiology Lab
Plant Nematology
Landscape Entomology
Chemistry and Use of Herbicides in Crop Production
CSES 6xxx
Advanced Management of Turfed Soils
Advanced Turfgrass Management
Required Undergraduate Courses in Pest and Crop Management
Basic Crop Science
Basic Soil Science
Turfgrass Management
At least one of the following:
General Plant Pathology
Economic Entomology
Principles of Weed Science