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AVMF 4271 Multi-Engine Flight Training

AVMF 4271 MULTI-ENGINE FLIGHT TRAINING (2) LAB. 2. Pr. AVMF 2271. or Commercial Pilot Certificate (ASEL) with Instrument Rating, or Departmental approval. Specialized instruction in methods and and techniques of multi-engine aircraft operations. Sufficient classroom and flight instruction is given under FAA Part 141 to qualify for the FAA Multi-Engine Rating. Special Fees.

Department of Systems and Technology

...Commercial Pilot Certification (AMEL) AVMF 2261 , AVMF 2271 , and AVMF 4271 AVMF Hours and Costs...

Professional Flight - BS

...4 3 AVMF 4271 Multi-Engine Flight Training 2 Literature Core Option 3 AVMF 4400...