Graphic Design - GDES


GDES 1110 FOUNDATION DRAWING (4) STU. 8. Coreq. GDES 1210. PGDE majors only; school approval. Representational drawing with various media. Emphasis on accurate observation, pictorial organization, depiction of space as well as on concept development and creativity.

GDES 1210 FOUNDATION DESIGN I (4) LEC. 1, STU. 6. Coreq. GDES 1110. PGDE majors only; school approval. Elements and principles of basic two-dimensional design. Emphasis on composition, color theory, and craftsmanship.

GDES 1220 FOUNDATION DESIGN II (4) LEC. 1, STU. 6. Pr. GDES 1210. Elements and principles of design with emphasis on basic three dimensional design. Emphasis on spatial organization, color, and media exploration, planning and craft.

GDES 2210 GRAPHIC PROCESSES (4) LEC. 1, STU. 6. Pr. GDES 1110 and GDES 1220 and (ARTS 2100 and ARTS 2150). Coreq. GDES 2220. Design and production processes, preparation of design for printing, paper, copyright, electronic techniques, and related subjects. School approval.

GDES 2220 TYPOGRAPHICS I (4) LEC. 1, STU. 6. Pr. GDES 1110 and GDES 1220 and (ARTS 2100 and ARTS 2150). Coreq. GDES 2210. Historical development and practical applications of typography for design, layout, and other contemporary formats. School approval.

GDES 2230 INTRODUCTION TO GRAPHIC DESIGN (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 2210 and GDES 2220. Design, layout, and image-making procedures for creative problem-solving in graphic design, with emphasis on presentation, creativity, and visualization. School approval. Portfolio review required.

GDES 3110 ELEMENTS & PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN I: FORM AND COMPOSITION (3) LEC. 3. Pr. INDD 1120. This course will expose students to a variety of design methods, and their applicability to non-design disciplines, highlighting the parallel between critical thinking and design thinking.

GDES 3120 ELEMENTS & PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN II: TYPOGRAPHY AND IMAGE (3) LEC. 3. Pr. INDD 1120. This course will teach the basic concepts and vocabulary of typography with an emphasis on the expressive potential of typography when combined with imagery in layout form.

GDES 3130 GRAPHIC DESIGN LITERACY: MESSAGE, CONTEXT, MEANING (3) LEC. 3. Pr. INDD 1120. This course is a seminar that prepares students to participate actively and confidently in conversations about visual communications. Students investigate the historical bases of graphic design as well as examine contemporary issues informing the practice of graphic design. Seminar members read and discuss case studies and design criticism, and apply analytical approaches to examples of contemporary design through oral presentations and written arguments.

GDES 3140 DESIGN THINKING: INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL SCREEN MEDIA (3) LEC. 3. Application of design thinking (focus on experience of the user) in the context of screen-based (computers, web applications, phones) design. Projects may include the redesign of an existing website, design concept for a new mobile application, and a new video game concept.

GDES 3210 PHOTO DESIGN (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 2210 and GDES 2220. Traditional black and white film photography that covers covers technical aspects of the 35mm camera and film and basic darkroom procedures for black and white film and and basic darkroom procedures for black and white film and an awareness of the aesthetics and semantics associated with photographic imagery.

GDES 3220 PHOTO COMMUNICATIONS (4) STU. 8. Photography as applied communication such as advertising, editorial photography, and annual report photography. Emphasis on advanced technological and studio techniques.

GDES 3230 LETTERPRESS IMAGING (4) LEC. 1, LST. 3. Pr. GDES 2230. Experimental imaging using letterpress equipment to develop new techniques appropriate to today's communications industry. Emphasis on individual creativity, experimentation and initiative.

GDES 3240 INTERACTIVE MEDIA (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 2230. Exploration of the technical and conceptual aspects of Web site design and motion graphics through a series of problem-solving processes. Emphasis on the research and development of effective graphic interfaces and information architecture.

GDES 3250 TYPOGRAPHICS II (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 2230. Experimental application of typography for design and layout, exploring contemporary techniques. Historical understanding expected. Emphasis on presentation and visualization of concepts.

GDES 3260 KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY (4) LEC. 4. Pr. GDES 2230. Focuses on how motion affects meaning and how new meaning can be developed through time, space, and sound.

GDES 3710 GRAPHIC DESIGN HISTORY (4) LEC. 4. Pr. GDES 2210 and GDES 2220. History of graphic design, with emphasis on social and cultural contexts, symbolic application, formal characteristics, and significant movements.

GDES 3910 GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERNSHIP PRACTICUM (2) LEC. 2. Pr. GDES 2210 and GDES 2220. Acceptance into the GDES program. Focuses on the professional practices of Graphic Design through portfolio creation and presentation, resume and cover letter writing and the tactics of searching for an internship.

GDES 3920 GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERNSHIP (4) INT. 4. Pr. GDES 2230. a fifteen-week period working full time as a staff member with an approved internship sponsor under the direction of a supervising art director.

GDES 4240 GRAPHIC DESIGN I (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 3240. Application of communicative procedures and skills necessary to convey messages by means of graphic presentation: problem solving in corporate identity, advertising design, self promotion, etc. Development of student's individual style.

GDES 4250 GRAPHIC DESIGN II (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 4240. Development of individual style in communication via graphic graphic presentation, with emphasis on problem-solving in publication design, self-promotion, large-format design, and layout.

GDES 4260 MAGAZINE DESIGN (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 2230. Concepts of graphic design are explored; specifically an understanding of grid, message-making and qualities of design in the magazine format.

GDES 4270 ADVANCED INTERACTIVE MEDIA (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 3240. Focuses on the principles and methodologies used throughout the interactive design industry for creating screen-based dynamic media. Students develop a conceptural framework for real world applications, exploring industrial, social and cultural issues.

GDES 4640 IMAGE I (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 2230. Application of illustration techniques and concepts to various graphic formats. Development of personal skills and individual style.

GDES 4650 IMAGE II (4) STU. 8. Pr. GDES 2230. Exploration of two dimensional and three dimensional imaging techniques and concepts. Development of personal skills and an individual style.

GDES 4900 DIRECTED STUDIES FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN (2-3) AAB. Pr. GDES 2210 and GDES 2220. Directed Studies in Graphic Design focuses on individualized study in Graphic Design. Student must have a 3.0 average in GDES course curriculum and departmental approval. Topics may include Graphic Design, Imaging, Web Design. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 9 credit hours.

GDES 4970 SPECIAL TOPICS FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN (4) LEC. 1. Pr. GDES 2230 and GDES 3710. Special Topics in Graphic Design focuses on topics in graphic design that are additional to the regular curriculum. Specific course topics are developed by the instructor. Student must have a 3.0 average in GDES GDES course curriculum. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 12 credit hours.

GDES 4990 SENIOR PROJECT FOR GRAPHIC DES (5) STU. 10. Pr. GDES 4250. Coreq. GDES 4991. A directed terminal studio project with choice of subject and medium. Project will be exhibited and a faculty committee will award a letter grade. Must be taken in student’s final semester.

GDES 4991 RESEARCH, WRITING AND PRESENTATION (1) LEC. 1. Pr. GDES 4250. Coreq. GDES 4990. Addresses research, writing and presentation requirement associated with the student's terminal studio project. Must be taken in student’s final semester.